About Us
At a Glance
We, at Accure Labs, have strong vision for the future in generic pharmaceuticals, with primary interests in finished formulations development / development of dossiers and supply of finished formulations, but also offering custom made solutions in several related Pharma activities and services. We are committed to pharmacare and our strategy is and always will be variations on that theme, to suit the indigenous needs of specific markets. We have entered and entrenched ourselves in more than 18 countries and the quest is on to place ourselves around the world.

We started our Journey in year 2005 with a commitment to create better quality of life by providing high quality formulations especially, but not limited to, in Niche segment like Oncology. Also specialized in other segments like CNS, Gastro and Anti diabetic etc. We are preparing ourselves for the very large generic pharmaceutical market, by deeply involving ourselves in formulation development, dossier development of the products who are getting off patent in near future.

We operate with state of the art plants, located at various parts of the country, which are strategically located to cater the needs of our valued customer. We supply the finished formulations to our valued customers from these plants on our own license / CMO. We possess the intellectual properties of the dossiers. Plants are WHO-GMP certified and also having other prestigious approvals from international regulatory bodies.

We offer products, pursuing higher standards of quality and ensuring that its products are consistent. We innovate and are passionate about creating products and services that improves the quality of lives of the people it touches.